La Noticia Juancrismar

Deforestation PARK CARE AND EVIL Gallineral

Some years ago the park Gallineral was one of the parks most beautiful and striking of Pigs, but by neglect and abuse we have given has become a sad time for nature.

A few years ago:
“Trees in good shape.
“A good environment and rich air to breathe.

Over the years all this has been extinguished and there is only sadness and loneliness, because there are no animals, the trees are in poor condition and the environment damaged by pollution that we have created.

This has been because we have not taken advantage of this park that gave us so much and we damaged by pollution, dirt, deforestation and misuse we have given in all the years that have passed, so said that one does not realize what it takes to waste.

This can serve as a call for all the people who inhabit this park react and help reforest the park which is very important to everyone.
It is also a call for calls to stop vandals destroying this park and that my opinion is they who have destroyed the gates of the park and have won some animals of this park so important.

… … … … … … CAREGIVER INTERVIEW AND Gallineral that inhabit the park … … … ….

ME: Sir as you plan to contribute to help reforest the park Gallineral ….

CUIADOR PARK: Well, I think contribute to the reforestation planting more plants, pick up some animals from the street or who can no longer be in a house such as dogs, hamsters, etc.

ME: How will you raise funds to buy some seeds and animals to the park …

CAREGIVER OF THE PARK: Well, I thought I had to do some base and other activities in order to collect sufficient funds.

I: okay Lady how collecting funds through a bazaar … ..

Park residents: For the truth if I think although it would be a good idea to make more sales activities such as raffles, mini teak etc.

Well this is what I believe the caregiver and a citizen of the park Gallineral … ..
Until next time!



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