La Noticia Juancrismar

Do not let their guard down

of new outbreaks in san juan de Giron

As reported by the Municipal Administration of Giron, in so far this year have presented 205 cases of dengue fever in this locality,

Of which 164 correspond to 41 dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever, according to statistics provided by the local Health Department.
The districts most affected by this disease: Bellavista, center of Pigs, the different stages of Arenales, Rincon de Giron, El Progreso, El Portal Town and Country.

Actions taken

According to the information given by the Mayor, to counteract the presence of dengue and prevent its spread in this area, health authorities this year have included the following activities:

– They have trained more than 1,200 families in the strategy Combi or ‘Communication for behavioral impact, “which refers to the awareness of the need to properly wash cells or pools, to avoid the breeding and killing mosquito larvae transmitter dengue, Aedes aegypti.

– We preventive action and community involvement, which included days of useless collection and cleaning in homes, specifically in the neighborhoods Mirador de San Juan and Villa Carolina I and II.

What do the citizens?

.— Mary Navarro

I feel very good nurse because I like the scope of this disease. And what can prevent these actions.

Johanna moon .—

I think it is very important to the citizenry that our town was becoming focused on this disease

.— Benjamin Hernandez

It was time for the mayor to worry about the town, we had a little left in terms of health



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