La Noticia Juancrismar


 On July 22 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, broke relations with Colombia and ordered high alert from the border.
According to the Venezuelan leader was considered a break to consider a “tort” of complaints about alleged guerrilla leaders in Venezuela, presented to the OAS by the government of Álvaro Uribe Velez.
Trade between the two

Countries is reduced to its minimum, several months ago Venezuela decided to find substitutes for products imported from Colombia.
The transition between Colombians and Venezuelans who feel affected by the rift between the two countries as some Colombians have to pass through the border with Venezuela and communicates over ah were denied and had to stay across the country.
The expectations that have been given is that the new president Juan Manuel Santos decided to rule at the breaking of bilateral and take office on 7 August to improve relations between the two countries, therefore, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro pointed out that Colombian diplomats are in Venezuela have 72 hours to leave. Venezuela in both decide that from now on Colombian Venezuelan relations are in break until the new president of a new light of hope to get back to normal.

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