La Noticia Juancrismar


A world misunderstood

By adolescence, a stage in which we long since

children live is the desire to acquire several inches, to use lipstick, makeup and heels, and in cases of them have the deep voice, but when our bodies start to happen so sudden changes with them a large number of questions increases as: Will I be tall and handsome? Will I be thin? “I will grow as my father? Will I have a sexy body? Anyway …

Series of questions that can only respond at the time of adolescence in which he discovers new feelings, new ways of relating and new priorities in our lives. That is, it is time we change the dolls and trucks for the music, the internet and the mirror. No one doubts that one of the most important priorities for us young people during adolescence is: ‘How do I look? “.

At the time when as the only companion a mirror, more than one of us does not hesitate to ask: How do they disappear? How to stop the attack of the hormones? QuéHago “so that those remedies are effective mom prepares me? .. The worst thing is that neither the mirror nor cucumber masks, or the creamy froth ‘dermacol’, the granules, the ‘Sarsaparilla’, aloe or soaps asepxia give us a quick solution to our problems.

The mud! They seem invincible as we do not appear on the forehead, they do in the cheeks, nose and back … simply invade us!, But worse is that only disappear when they get bored of us and not where we want it.

So the best thing in our cases is to keep calm and rather looooong muster the patience to apply as ‘concoctions’ we recommend. Who knows that in the midst of facial, home remedies and recipes, in less than we expect, acne is sick of us and decides to disappear



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