La Noticia Juancrismar

Girón Fairs

The rule XXII tourism department has a new representative

Parra Carreño Leidy, representing the municipality of Floridablanca, is the new ruler of the Kingdom Departmental Tourism in Santander.

The crowning event began at 8:00 p.m. Principal Park in the Bay of Pigs where more than a thousand spectators expected to watch live and direct the election and coronation of the queen.
The candidates opened the gateway to the parade in a bathing suit, then paraded in the costume of coronation.
The viceroy of the Kingdom Departmental Tourism is the representative of Piedecuesta Acevedo Maria Fernanda Llanes, third place went to Miss Zapatoca, Prada Laura Margarita Anaya.

 the second princess is the host of the event, Ms. Girón, Ingrid Johana
Mendoza and the youngest is the representative of San Vicente de Chucurí
Janet Adriana Ferreira.
As through the event, participants enjoyed the musical presentation of Michelangelo and finishing the opening almost at 9:30 Pm with the Queens award

Name: Diana Lizeth Medina Torres
           Sebastian Contreras Cortes


Grade: 9-1



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