La Noticia Juancrismar



. CALLUS a celestial object SUNDAY.

No sign of the celestial object seen on Sunday.

Accompanied by residents and farmers who know the hard to reach the mountains Santander, authorities yesterday revised Molagavita areas, Onzaga, San Joaquin and Pinchote to pinpoint the place where he could drop the celestial object.

During the search, four Molagavita farmers in the province García Rovira, told how this’ glowing mass “would have exploded in the air, why the different rock fragments may be scattered throughout the area.

“After learning this version, the commission moved toward the area indicated, but did not find any type of material such as rock or iron,” said Marco Aurelio Pedroza Colonel Sandoval, Chief of Police Santander.

The Halley of the TUI Group, said “this concern and anxiety in people because we are in an area of our planet where it is not likely to happen this kind of astronomical events, as it can happen in other latitudes, because space objects tend to fall into the polar regions and little land in Ecuador. “

The truth is that if this object exploded, crashed or burned, there must be a physical test.

It is expected that the surrounding areas of Molagavita, Onzaga, San Joaquin, Socorro and San Gil, is some kind of material.

The aerial search was suspended from Monday at 10 a. m. land and review the police department will be from noon today.

More about the event

• Miguel Angel Sandoval Rodríguez, Administrative Coordinator Halley Group of Astronomy and Aerospace of the UIS, called for “people located in areas close to where the meteor was seen, to locate a different rock, characterized by a is melted by the friction of the atmosphere and considerable weight in relation to their size, as these bodies are composed mostly of iron and rock. ”
• The member Halley Group said that “some meteorites disintegrate in the atmosphere and totally can not leave impact crater, but signs of its material in an area big enough.”
• With respect to the explosion that claimed hundreds of people listening, Miguel Angel Sandoval commented that it was the sound produced by the shock wave that occurs when an object, because of its speed reaches the sound barrier, and then surpasses sound occurs “strong” and “dry.”

Starting at 5 am yesterday, about a thousand policemen and Departmental Metropolitan Police helicopter resumed the search for the strange object that surprised Sunday thousands of people in Santander, who watched him in heaven and which minutes later led to an explosive sound.



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