La Noticia Juancrismar



In our country we are going through a frightening, due to pregnancies that are being in adolescents.
This also has to do with the values and / or the education they receive in their homes, although at times he forgets everything he learned we just go for the moment.
Teens are having sex without even being informed about the consequences that may bring, having sex without any protection, because we can be infected, with disease, sexually transmitted giving either gonorrhea, HIV or AIDS, syphilis OTHER.
We can become pregnant and that can cost us our lives and our bodies are not ready to have a child.
Our parents should inform us of different methods of planning that is: as the pill 24 hours after injection and common blades of all is the condom. They do things because they think we are encouraging them to have sex, but on the contrary we will prevent all the consequences that we can bring to our lives.
Today, colleges and different parties are giving talks to let us know these methods and their consequences.
“And no, let us sweeten the ear of any boy who promise us heaven and earth”.



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