La Noticia Juancrismar

The friendship

 The key point for our happiness.


Although the time passes, change people, the social classes, the customs. Today and it will always exist and it arrived to our life that beautiful one, and inigualable: value of the friendship, Without caring social class, race, or religion. To fill our lives of happiness and of unforgettable moments, which will always exist in our minds.

But however, although the friendship is that “stage” of a thousand moments; sometimes for errors or not well experts have allowed it to lose, without realizing the important and essential that is in our life; it is not fair that we allow to go shared so many moments; as when you felt alone and in that precise moment that person that you wins your trust until ending up wanting it as a brother appeared; the gifts, the words, the hugs as much as you needed it, when you laughed and until when you cried. ¿All this and more, do you believe that it is exactly to allow it to lose?  Alone for things that they really are not worth the pain like our pride or simple fights.

Valiant and humble person is not that that allows the time to happen, without fighting for what wants, if not that that makes an effort to get it, and she gives the initiative for the pardon, and to revive the friendship.

you realizes that the friendship makes part of your life and you need of her for your happiness, conserve it, don’t leave that neither her, neither your smile, vanish of your life.



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