La Noticia Juancrismar

 A Church in Mision

The last Saturday, the 23rd from October to 10 a.m. in the coliseum of the cschool the presentation of bucaramanga, the great one it did to himself the great launch of the continental mission with the delegates and priests of all the parishes, who will represent to the whole catholic community. “This is not a persons’ simple sending, is the sending of the whole church included Priests, Religious, Deacons and Laymen.

 On Sunday, the 24th of October, day of the World day of the Missions (DOMUND), with vera symbolic ceremonies, each of Bucaramanga’s Parishes and his Metropolitan area, they will do the sending of the missionaries that in the frame of the montó of the missions our Archdiocese wanted to carry out. 


  5 Steeps of the Continental Mission

 “In the area of Latin America and colombioa, one speaks about stages of the continental misíon, but in Our Archdiocese bean of 5 steps “.

 Which are? 

The Awareness: It is the moment in which we are, that goes from July until     December, 2010. Here it is sought to sensitize, to motivate and to call those who want to be díscipulos missionaries of Jevez that it is informing about the continental mission.

 The Formation of the Missionaries: It is the second step, initiates in         January of  2011 and it finishes in June of the same year. This group of persons Missionary it is going to serve as entertainers of the whole process of   the Mission Continental.

 Mission with the priority groups: it goes from Julío to December, 2011.  The priority groups are the groups of prayer, apostolic Groups and Lay movientes, which constant are present in  Pastoral activities of the church.

 The Mission with the different sectors of the company: To evangelize and the first semester of 2012 to all the sectors shaped by children, Jóvenes and adults already are educational, politicians, workers, between others.

The Parochial Mission: From July until December, 2012, here he proposes that all the parishes Declared in condition of permanent Mission.

 Continental Mission is the invitation made by bishops from Aparecida document set at the V Conference of Latin American and Caribbean Episcopate, which proposes that all of us aware of our vocation as disciples and missionaries. To accomplish this, the Catholic Church convened to children, youth and adults, religious and laity to proclaim the Gospel and the prese of Christ in their lives.

This process began pasado17 August 2008 QUAD III concluded the American Missionary Congress in Quito – Ecuador, where he became the shipping and launch of the Continental Mission to Latin America. From this time the launch takes in all countries.
In Colombia, the process of Continental Mission, with the theme “A Church in Mission, at the door of your heart that, in Christ, Colombia and other nations have life” began July 9, 2009 and will culminate in 2014.

Jenny Paola Mejia Pimiento 10 – 03



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