La Noticia Juancrismar

Group adavir



 The residence for bigger Marina of San Sebastian of Reyes, organized by the Group Adavir gave her residents a denominated Police-old Program-shop.

Through that program to well educated to Marina’s residents in the performance forms that should carry out in the event of being in situations of risk or in the event of being object of some criminal or inappropriate behavior.

 It is that they keep in mind a series of rules that you/they should adopt in a habitual way to avoid and to prevent situations of risk or alarming.


To prevent the robberies down the street the Police he/she recommends to walk for the part of the sidewalk and to place the handbag in the side of the wall, to take alone the necessary thing, to use handbag without belt, not to take gets the keys of the credit cards and to avoid to put on jewels or other objects of value. In the event of being victim of a robbery intent it was recommended not to resist, to be about to be controlled and to notice the author of the crime well to be able to identify him/her but ahead. In the street big quantities of the cashiers’ money should not be taken out, to protect the handbag or wallet in the masses and to offer that they go accompanied when they should make payments.

When it is necessary to travel the ideal thing it is to be taken alone the necessary thing, to watch over the belongings well and not to trust the transport of the suitcases to unknown. In the own housing it is important not to open the door to unknown, not to allow to enter to anybody in the house that says to go on behalf of some public organism or companies of light, dilutes, gas, etc. lastly they informed it on easy businesses, it is important to request help or advice before to sign documents or to carry out payments.





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