La Noticia Juancrismar

We compared a study done by 20 different drugs, and found that alcohol causes the most damage in the body. 

                                                                                                     According to the study, more harmful drugs to the individual are heroin, crack and methamphetamine. While those that cause more social damage are alcohol, heroin and crack.
The most interesting results, however, occur when considering simultaneously the two dimensions: the individual harm and harm to society.
 The snuff and cocaine are equally harmful.

And according to Professor David Nutt, director of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs, if the substances of abuse were classified based on the combined damage, alcohol; drugs would be a “Class A”, such as heroin and crack.
Nutt, one of the authors of the report, is a former British government adviser who was deposed in 2009 by his controversial stance on the official classification of drugs.

Cindy Carolina Vera Contreras 11 – 03

Maira Julieth Villalba TORRES 11 – 03



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