La Noticia Juancrismar



I think that abortion is one of the problems we are living in our country. Mothers often disillusioned O problems they prefer to abort and who think that bringing a child into silent it would be a problem.

In these times we are living far pregnancies in which teenagers are not very favorable since they are very young and has enough capacity mental and physical strength to differentiate the good from the bad things and those cases are on the path of least favorable.
When a woman aborts can keep neighborhoods traumas these and more experienced psychological trauma. Sometimes when these people practice this type of alternatives or solutions are influenced by friends, by the groom, and in some cases by the family. Then is when they realize the consequences not only in your body if not his soul.

Made By:

Nancy Yurany Caceres Rincon   9-3

Maria Fernanda Vera Contreras  9-3



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