La Noticia Juancrismar

Without doubt the best friend of man.

Dogs help the disabled.
Its function is to facilitate daily life to the deaf or paraplegic mowing.
There are dogs that perform an important function that is generally less known than they do other assistance dogs such as rescue or defense. These are service dogs for the disabled, which facilitate the everyday life deaf, quadriplegic, paraplegic or sclerosis people. 

Assistance dogs for the disabled people can perform various tasks depending on the needs of the owner and the training they received. For example, can pull the wheelchair, open and close doors, turn on and off lights, opening and closing drawers and take what they are told and collect things from the floor, waking the owner, make an emergency call (prerecorded in a large push), recognize and differentiate the sound of the phone, the doorbell, issue a warning bark, among others.

Among the breeds best suited for this work are the farmers, the golden retriever and the crossing of both. There is also the Belgian shepherd malinois and German shepherd, particularly suitable for the deaf.

Assistance dogs for the disabled people must show proper behavior conduct and obey without making mistakes, so they need to receive obedience training tailored to the user.

The training lasts about 6 months, including the adaptation process to the user. The dog is taught specific skills  that it is fun and likes to work, which is achieved by rewarding with food, petting, and games, each time they perform an exercise correctly.

What does the community? 
Paula Andrea Cabanzo Gomez.
My opinion is that dogs are helpful for these people, because these need a sincere help and love. 

Marisol Mantilla Cuevas
I like most cats, but the dogs are cute and smart and I like the train to this good for society.



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