La Noticia Juancrismar

Girón seeks opportunities

Girón and Culture

People seeking opportunities for improvement Gironesas to get a better quality of life by having to turn the peace and love of God.

 Girón is a place of public interest and cultural history, but lately has been involved in situations such as not very pleasant theft, rape, underage prostitution, drug addiction and others.

According to a survey of residents of Pigs experts say the lack of jobs and opportunities have led to these situations as well as the lack of values ​​and culture in every human being.

However they also noted that people living in Girón decided not to tolerate this kind of situation and have decided to make new campaigns and projects to improve this.
That’s why institutions such as SENA is committed to helping people with low or middle income by providing education and support on issues of psychological and intellectual which are free and available to everyone.

These campaigns have developed numerous courses in different areas where people not only learn and use their time on productive things but are able to defend it in the economy to improve in some way their social and spiritual.

We hope that these new opportunities unscrupulous people reflect on the harm they do to society and make themselves and join this cause for a better world based on love of God.



Comentarios en: "Girón seeks opportunities" (6)

  1. teresa benites dijo:

    Me parece bien porque nos muestra que en vez de estar perdiendo el tiempo , deberíamos hacer cosas productivas cosas que valgan la pena y que nos ayuden a aprovechar nuestro tiempo, la noticia nos resalta los errores que estamos cometiendo con nuestra sociedad nos hace recapacitar que en vez de quitarle estatus a nuestro pueblo podemos aportarle con nuestras ideas y trabajos .

    Sounds good to me because it shows that instead of wasting time, we should do productive things worthwhile things that help us leverage our time, the news highlights the mistakes we’re making to our society that makes us rethink status rather than take our people can contribute with our ideas and work.

  2. liseth bernal dijo:

    La verdad es algo que nosotros los habitantes de este pueblos estamos ignorando desde hace vario tiempo y que día a día esta creciendo mucho mas. Gracias al SENA que esta apoyando a la juventud, para cambiar la delincuencia por formación academica estudio.

    The truth is something that we the inhabitants of the villages we are ignoring for several time and every day is growing much more, thanks to the Seine that is supporting the youth, to change the delinquency study

  3. liseth delgado dijo:

    es un gran aporte que hace esta identidad de aprendizaje, con personas que en verdad lo necesitan y de parte ellos quieren una oportunidad más que todo un cambio en donde puedan generalizarse y cambiar su habitad de esta manera me gustaría que el colegio Juan Cristóbal junto con los estudiantes aportáramos y brindarle una ayuda a estos

    I think a great addition that makes learning the identity of people who truly need it and in part from an opportunity they want most of all a change where change can be generalized and their habitat in this way I would like the school Juan Cristobal with students and provide assistance to bring you these and so on. …

  4. angie villamizar dijo:

    Doy gracias a las entidades como el SENA que nos están apoyando con oportunidades de estudio Y de más. Pienso que las personas deberían concientizarse del daño que producen al ignorar todos los hechos que han ocurrido últimamente; debemos poner mas de nuestra parte si queremos que la drogadicción, las violaciones y los robos bajen de nivel.

    I thank the organizations such as the Seine that are supporting us with opportunities to study and more. I think people should become aware of the damage they cause to ignore all events that have occurred lately, we put more on our part if we want the drug, rape and robbery lower level.

  5. jherson aguas dijo:

    Es una noticia que aunque es muy dura es la realidad, nuestro municipio se a convertido en un de los ejes centrales de la violencia la prostitución y la drogadicción. Solo podemos invitar a los habitantes del girón a que no se callen y denuncien estos actos.

    It is a story that is very hard but reality is, our town is to become one of the central themes of violence in prostitution and drug addiction. We can only invite the people of Giron to not shut up and denounce these acts.

  6. zurdiizz irreño dijo:

    Pues desafortunadamente es una noticia que estamos viviendo todos los Gironeses y que muchas veces por miedo no denunciamos estos actos delictivos, quizás se debería buscar mas soluciones pero que no produzcan mas violencia y necesitamos concientizar a las personas para que denuncian todas las fechorías que realizan los bandidos que no le gustan trabajar. Desafortunadamente no trabajan y comenten estos actos delictivos.

    Well, unfortunately, is a story that we are living every Gironeses and often unreported for fear of these criminal acts, perhaps you should look for more solutions, but which do not produce more violence and we need to sensitize people to report all crimes carried out by bandits do not like work. Unfortunately they do not work and discuss these criminal acts.


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